ADRIFT links

These are a few of the sites that can be of help if you are new to the ADRIFT world and are in need of inspiration or assistance.

Main ADRIFT Site |Forum
The home of ADRIFT is run by Campbell Wild, the creator of the programs. From here you can download the latest versions as well as the latest games. The forum is a lively place where many topics are discussed and questions can often find a quick answer.

InsideADRIFT newsletter site
This site is the home of the newsletter of the ADRIFT community. It has a forum that acts as a backup for anytime the site is down.

Shadow Vault
David Whyld’s site is a very comprehensive reference site for anyone looking at ADRIFT games. It includes various statistics on virtually every released game and a large collection of game walkthroughs and game reviews.

Reviews Exchange
Reviews Exchange is a publication, currently edited by Robert Street (rafgon) filled with ADRIFT (and other IF) game reviews.

A fairly comprehensive ADRIFT site from Richard Otter (rotter).

Former home of the Reviews Exchange actually. Robert Street now runs it from


Ah, good! Thanks!