[ADRIFT] Hourglass Competition enters judging phase

Woodfish has now posted a zip file containing the 13 entries to this minicomp on the ADRIFT website HERE. The judging period ends on 26 August 2006 (more competition details HERE.)

Just FYI, you don’t have to be registered to the Adrift forum or anything to vote.

And the judging deadline has been pushed back to the 31st, so there’s still plenty of time to play the games. (They’re all pretty small and I went through about half the entries in an hour.) There’s also a temporary hint and spoiler forum over on the Adrift site, which might be kind of necessary since three hours doesn’t allow much time to work out GTV problems. [emote]Smile[/emote]

Speak for yourself. I’d have never finished one game without asking the author about it.

Which is why I said the hint forum was necessary. Though as far as I know you’re not even technically required to complete a game before vopting for it. (Er…that one hour playthrough I mentioned didn’t actually include finishing all of the games, though it might be possible to do it in that amount of time now with the hint forum…)

Edit: GAh! Again with the italics! Why does the internet hate me? [emote]Sad[/emote]

Oops! I thought you said “unnecessary”. [emote]Sad[/emote]

That’ll teach me to surf the internet with my eyes closed.

Somehow the attachment came up missing. I couldn’t find it in the original board either, so I’ve had to remove the reference to it. Sorry.

The topic is still marked with an attachment icon on the forum page.