ADRIFT Discord server

Permanent invite:

There’s been renewed interest in the system between the return of online play, the IFComp, and Skybreak! in particular bringing in some new players, so I thought it was a good time to start up a server. It’s pretty chill at the moment, just 15 people with most of them being newbies.

Anyone with an interest in IF is welcome, you don’t just have to be an ADRIFT author. A big part of the intent for this was to snag more casuals and lurkers who might not necessarily bother with registering on the forum. ADRIFT is in my opinion still the best system out there for just picking up and start creating a game with no prior knowledge, or making RPGs or non traditional types of IF. (Which incidentally is what so many people who don’t have a background in playing old school parser IF seem most interested in doing…)

(no idea what category to put this in so uh…Genera? Apologies if that’s a bad fit, I don’t think I quite understand how to navigate this forum.)