ADRIFT 5.0.20

Now out. This has a host of new features such as suspending text that fully fills the screen, customisable colours in Runner and v3.90 support. For full details see the ADRIFT Forum.

That’s great! I’m gonna try it out. :slight_smile:

This probably isn’t the place but I couldn’t easily find a place to report bugs… Adrift 5 chokes on “A Date with Death”. It says the font Arial Narrow doesn’t support style “regular”, and as a result the only text that ever gets displayed is the title.

Thanks, I will take a look.

Incidentally, you can log any bugs you find here.

Oh, thanks! I’d been looking for something like that… apparently in all the wrong places.

I know, it’s on my to-do list to move it over to the new site and integrate with the forum authentication and the rest of the site. :neutral_face:

Why multiple threads for this? Can’t we have a single thread for ADRIFT releases?

Why not have a new thread for each release?

Because it clutters up the forum?

I count four threads about ADRIFT releases since April, and two threads a little over a month apart about the last two releases. That’s not much clutter.

You’re trying to group at the wrong level. We have a single section for this stuff. It doesn’t need to be in a single thread for the same reason that it doesn’t need to be in a single post.

ADRIFT v5.0.21 is now available. This brings the Windows and Linux versions into line with WebRunner which was already on that version.

This release fixes a few compatibility issues with v4, amongst other things. It also implements map navigation, so you can route to anywhere previously visited in the game.

Please let me know if there are any problems.

ADRIFT v5.0.22 is now available.

The main highlights in this release are Audio (MP3, WAV and MID at the moment - OGG to follow in a future release), Object Oriented Syntax (e.g. Player.Held.Count), and embedded Expressions.