Additional "in" and "out" directions

I’m trying to model moving around a ringed space station. “inward” and “outward” are directions that allow travel between concentric rings. I have:

Inward is a direction. The opposite of inward is outward. Understand “in” as inward. Index map with inward mapped as north.

Outward is a direction. The opposite of outward is inward. Understand “out” as outward. Index map with outward mapped as south.

I don’t necessarily want to lose the actual “in” and “out” directions, but in a location where inward and outward are actual directions of travel, I’d want those meanings to supersede “in” and “out”. How do I accomplish that?

It may be in the manual somewhere. While I’m working my way through it, I’m building a small world to play in, and the fact that I can’t repurpose in and out is bugging me a bit. :slight_smile:


Why not just use the “in” and “out” directions that are built in? Having a room with separate “inward” and “inside” exits will just confuse people.

I once had a WIP in such a space station, which used “up” to indicate motion toward the hub and “down” for motion toward the rim. This seemed to make the most intuitive sense (because the station was spinning to generate an approximation of “gravity”, which pulled things “downward”).