Adding words to left or right screen

If you are requesting technical assistance with Twine, please specify:
Twine Version:2.3.16
Story Format: Harlowe 3.2.3

1 : Is it possible to write some words on the left or right column of the screen ? How do i do it ?
2 : Is it possible to add new words there, change them or delete them in certain passages during the game ?
Thank you very much !

The Twine Cookbook has two Harlowe related recipes explaining how to add dynamic content to the Left Side-bar area, both of which should work with the 3.x series of Harlowe.

1. “Left Sidebar”: Harlowe (only v2.1.0 or later)

2. “Left Sidebar”: Harlowe (both v1.x and v2.x series)