Adding TVTropes Links to IFDB

I noticed the newly added game on IFDB, The Roottrees are Dead, had a link to its TVTropes page in the External Links section. Which got me thinking, are there any other TVTropes pages for interactive fiction games? And it turns out there’s quite a few, though most of those pages aren’t linked on IFDB. So in the interest of crosslinking, what if we (and by we I mean I, probably) added a link to the relevant TVTropes page for every game on IFDB that has one? Good idea or no?

(As a side note, the TVTropes entries for Interactive Fiction and Text Parser are pretty fun.)


It’s definitely fun information. I was thrilled that someone made one for Final Girl back in 2013 since I actually researched the tropes pages making it.


I’m just one of the admins but I think it’s great; IFDB is an informational database so we might as well store pertinent info in it.


There’s this page:

For which my game is the trope namer!