Adding stuff after the room description

This feels like a silly question… but how do you print something after the room description when you enter a room? If you do something like “after going to the kitchen for the first time, say…”, that ends up being printed before the room description.

Depending what you are describing, maybe the ol’ [first time]/[only] within the room description?

Hm. Yeah, I guess, I can do that.

I thought maybe there would be a “after printing the room description” or something.

There might be. I just thought I’d throw that out there. :slight_smile:

The room description gets printed by a “Carry out looking” rule, so to get something to run after that you would write another “Carry out looking” rule and insert it into the rulebook in the relevant place. But MTW’s solution is almost certainly simpler.

Yeah, I’m doing it Marshal’s way, using a special thing to say and a combination of “if (scene) is happening” and “[first time]…[only]” to make sure it gets printed when and where I want to. Thanks!