Adding objects to mass-created rooms


Sorry if I have the wrong terminology. I’m using the following code to easily create a load of “rooms” which are orchards.

[i]An orchard is a kind of room. The printed name of an orchard is usually “Orchard”. The description of an orchard is “Various fruit trees line up like soldiers. Small apples and pears hang from the trees. The heat and constant sun must be an ideal environment. The orchard continues to [orchard directions].”

To say orchard directions:
repeat with that way running through directions:
if the room that way from the location is an orchard,
now that way is marked for listing;
say “[a list of directions which are marked for listing]”;
now every direction is not marked for listing.

ruitorchard1, fruitorchard2, fruitorchard3 and fruitorchard4 are orchards.


I want to add some items in to each room that I create which can be picked up. In this case, it would be obvious to have apples in each room which can be picked up. Also trees as scenery items.

If I use the following code, it doesn’t work (to be honest I didn’t expect it to).

The apples are in fruitorchard1, fruitorchard2, fruitorchard3 and fruitorchard4.

Is there a way to create an object, and easily assign it to a mass number of rooms, such that the user can pick up an apple in orchard1 and also another one is orchard2 ? The same with having scenery items such as trees, I’d like trees in each room so that the user can describe them.



You can say “An apple is in every orchard.” If you don’t want to hit all of them, write out separate lines: “An apple is in fruitorchard1,” etc.

[code]An apple is a kind of thing. One apple is in every orchard.

Fruitbox is a room. 10 apples are in fruitbox.
When play begins:
repeat with fruit running through apples in fruitbox:
now fruit is in a random orchard.[/code]

Thanks all.