Adding id to macro

Hi all, really grateful for the good advice I’ve gotten today. Going to ask for your help once more.

I’m using jsPDF to generate and download a pdf of the information contained in a variable when the player clicks a link. Because of the way jsPDF works, the link they click (I’m using a normal html “a” tag; could also use a button) needs to have an id. The problem is that I’d also like that link to take the player to a different passage.

Is there a way to either 1. add an ID to a link macro, or 2. use an “a” tag to go to another passage? Or is there another solution you’d suggest? I’m working in Sugarcube. Code below; right now, this only generates and downloads the PDF without linking to anything. Thanks!

<a id="cmd">Send the letter</a> and head home.

i don’t know if this could help you, but you can indeed add a passage name to a “a” or “button” html tag.

<a id="cmd" data-passage="PassageName">Send the letter</a> and head home.