Adding Failed Attempts in Twine


I just wanted to know if anyone knows how to write a code on Twine sugarcube to implement failed attempts. So whenever the user submits an answer and if it is wrong points get deducted. I want them to be able to guess 3 times.

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How are you with variables? You are implementing points, so you know how those work.

Based on how you have your player submit an answer, you compare their answer to a value. If it matches, you add points. If it doesn’t match, you subtract them.

or you can link through correct or incorrect answers
:: passage 1

What is your dog's name?


:: rightanswer

Yay! You're right!
<<set $dollars = $dollars + 100>>

You won $100! Your score is now $<<print $dollars>>!


:: wronganswer
Oh, so sad, that's totally wrong! Lose $50!

<<set $dollars  =  $dollars - 50>>

You're left with a paltry $<<print $dollars>>...


Note this is axma/generic and exact code may not apply to your story format.

You might like to check Gulumige’s solution to this post:

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