Adding an array attribute to an object through I7

I want to specify the I6 attribute “articles” when defining an object, so that there is no elision with some words.

I know that I can write

Include (- with articles "Le" "le" "un", -) when defining le hibou. but I want a way to do that directly in I7. Something like

[code]A thing has a [some kind here] called articles.
The articles property translates into I6 as “articles”.

The articles of le hibou is [some value here].[/code]so that users of the French extension do not have to dip into I6 for each object that requires that attribute.

I’ve got a workaround using this extension, but if I can do without it… (What would be ideal is a “definite article” property, but I don’t think it exists.)

So is it possible? Thanks!

No, I7 doesn’t expose I6 properties in this way.

Are there a limited number of values this property can take? Or can you not predict in advance what sets of articles an author will need?

I barely know I6, I just stumbled on this property in the DM4 (page 272) while looking for a solution to my problem.

In the case of French, this property would only be “Le” “le” “un” or “La” “la” “une” or just not set (so that the elision is automatic).

And if an author would need another set of article (which would be pretty rare), he could just write the I6 when defining the object, I guess, like in my first post.