Adding a click before the story text

Hi, I happen to be looking for a simple way to put a click before a text but I don’t know how to do it from the passage.

For example, I start with: hello (t8n: "dissolve")+(transition-delay: 1700ms) [how are you?

And then I put these key texts to click:
I'm fine and you?

I have very little programming knowledge, but I’m learning little by little… Any help will be valuable.

That’s all :slight_smile:

You’re looking for the (click:) macro

For instance, from where you start, you could continue like this:

- Hello, (t8n: "dissolve")+(transition-delay: 1700ms)[how are you?](t8n: "dissolve")+(transition-delay: 3400ms)[
- I'm fine and you?]
(click: "I'm fine and you?")[So am I, many thanks.]

If I have misunderstood you feel free to ask again!

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Hi!. I don’t think I made it clear before :sweat_smile:.
Rather, I’ve just tested it and I would like the clicks not to appear as links, i.e. as in blue texts… I mean they would be followed by as they go, originally just blank texts to test in the story.

Anyway, thanks for the contribution ^^…

You can try a variant of the (click:) macro, with unclosed hooks:

 - Hello(t8n: "dissolve")+(transition-delay: 1700ms) [, how are you?]
 (click: ?page)[== - Fine, thank you!
 (click: ?page)[== And you?
 (t8n: "dissolve")+(transition-delay: 1700ms)[- So am I, many thanks!]
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Thank you sooo much, that’s what I needed! :smile:
On the other side, I get…
There is a problem with this story's 1st script: SyntaxError: Unexpected token '<'.
Do you know what it means? It some bug that Twine has?


If it’s another problem you probably should start another topic, that way it will be easier for people looking in the future for help to find it!

Anyway, without seeing full coding of the passage where the error stands I can’t help you.

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Well, I will start with another topic. Thanks for your contribution! ^^