Adaptive Text and [The actor]

I’m updating my Spellcasting extension for 6L38. It stores the text relating to the casting of spells in a table. And this seems to be a problem, in that the token “[The actor]” is not understood by the compiler when it’s in a table. The error message is:

This is the code that accesses the table:

Carry out casting: repeat with N running from 1 to the number of rows in the Table of Spells: if the spell in row N of the Table of Spells is the noun: say "[output in row N of the Table of Spells][line break]".
How can I rejigger this code so as to allow the text output to refer to [The actor] in an adaptive manner?

The global variable corresponding to I6’s “actor” is translated directly by “the person asked”, so you can refer to that. Not sure if it’ll always be correct here though.

I think it will be correct. The I7 “actor” is not a global variable, but a variable of the action-processing rulebook. But at the I6 level it is a global variable, which “the person asked” always refers to. I’m not sure why the definition is convoluted like this, but that’s how it comes out.

Yes, [The person asked] does seem to work well. Thanks!