Adapting wolf/wolves depending on "regarding"

How can we get a noun (meaning in a text sentence, not a “thing”) to adapt to singular or plural, depending on what has come before?

For example:

"[We] [turn] into [if___]a werewolf[or]werewolves[end if]."

what is the correct “if…” condition to write?

I tried “[if the item described is plural-named]…” but it did not give the expected results.

The term you need for this is “prior named object”:

[code]Lab is a room.

Some pants are in the lab. A rock is in the lab.

Instead of examining something: say “[The noun] [aren’t] [if the prior named object is plural-named]werewolves[otherwise]a werewolf[end if].”

(For some reason this disappeared from the latest documentation, except in example 251.)

(Also in this case it only looks like you need to worry if the player might be a plural-named thing.)

I don’t have the docs with me right now, but isn’t there also “if the naming context is plural”, which handles numbers and such automatically?

That’s not familiar. Maybe it’s from an extension?

Yes! Thank you!

Poor example, I guess. But you get the point. :smiley: