Activity-based Simple Chat by Shadow Wolf [was Extension goes AWOL]

I am using the following extension, Include Activity-based Simple Chat by Shadow Wolf in a project I am busy with.

Now suddenly there are a lot of errors in this extension with the result my project is not working.

Where can I find this extension as it seems it just vanished from the public library as well as all the friends lists.

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I’m not sure whether Shadow Wolf ever uploaded the extension (which is his modification of Simple Chat) to one of the usual places.

In this post here Menu based conversations - #15 by Shadow_Wolf, he links to a version on Pastebin: Activity Based Simple Chat for Inform7 -

But as you remember, we found a bug in that version, which we fixed with the help of @Draconis here: Menu based Conversation system also accept a blank choice - Inform 7 - #7 by StJohnLimbo (there’s a file linked in that post).

I don’t know if it works with the latest version of Inform (v10.1.2).


Shadow Wolf’s extensions can be found in this pastebin. So far as I know, they’ve never been in the Public Library nor the Friends repo.

None are more recent than 2013; version 9.1/6L02, released in 2014, had enough backwards-incompatibilities that it was commonplace for previous extensions to not work in it without modification.


Thanks my friend, I was out of circulation for a long time (busy with some other programming developments) and my pc crashed on me last week and I was forced to rebuild it from scratch.

Now I am up and running although still busy with the other programming I will ask your help from time to time as I slowly pick up the ropes with my Inform project.

I have changed that extension with the linked one and now everything works fine, thanks.


Thanks Zed it work perfectly, much appreciated.

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I need some help with simple chat extension.

I have a conversation going but at some point it should only continue when an item was discovered. Currently while searching for the item and you talk to the other person the previous conversation continues, and that should not happen, only after the object was found.

One way to do that would be to define a non-active chat node and then activate it when the item is found or examined, like this:


Secret-discovered is a non-active chat node with quip "'Text of the conversation option goes here.'". "'Text of the response goes here.'"

The secret letter is in the Living Room. The description is "It reveals a secret."

After examining the secret letter for the first time:
	activate Secret-discovered;

@Hukumuri I took the liberty of renaming this thread to make it easier for people actually using the extension. I hope you don’t mind.

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Thanks, no problem

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Thank you.
I will try and see how it works in my scenario.
Much appreciated

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Is there a way that I can show line numbers in my source code to make it easier to track the code?

I’m not aware of any option to show line numbers in the Windows IDE; I don’t know about the other IDEs.

You could try to organize the code using headings (Volume, Book, Part, Chapter, Section), as described here: 2.5. Headings.

And/or you could use a different editor, for example VS Code with the Inform7 extension.

Thanks, how do I link VS Code to inform?

I am also having a bit of a problem again with the non-active chat node coding.
Yesterday I got it up and running, made some other changes and now it just doesn’t seem to read the code anymore.

Below is the part that needs to be activated only after the gun was found.

Mol-Cun-Talk3 is a non-active chat node. "Mol: I tell you I'm always jinxed, I always get landed with this crap. Shooter put him up against the wall and blew his brains out. Hell of away to go, doesn't really matter how you go once you're gone.".
Rule for finding responses to Mol-Cun-Talk3:
	link to Mol-Cun-Talk4.

Mol-Cun-Talk4 is a non-active chat node with quip "Cun: Don't get soft on me now."." Let's take the gun back to the station.".
Rule for finding responses to Mol-Cun-Talk4:
	link to Mol-Cun-Talk5.
Mol-Cun-Talk5 is a non-active chat node with quip "No, we have to find a gun store nearby. Do you know of any gun stores nearby?"."Yea, there is one a couple of blocks away in South Street.".

Below is the part where the gun is picked up for the first time.

After taking the gun in the Rooftop:
	say "You pick up the shiny gun. [']So you are the actual murderer in this case. I wonder who your handler could be.['][line break]".
after taking the gun for the first time:
        activate Mol-Cun-Talk3;
        activate Mol-Cun-Talk4;
        activate Mol-Cun-Talk5.

There are no errors now warnings nothing, it just don’t activate those required lines.

What am I missing from yesterday to today.
I undo all my other changes, still nothing.
Any idea what that could be and how I can fix this?

There’s an Inform 7 extension for VS Code by our fellow forum member @Natrium729: Inform 7 - Visual Studio Marketplace

You’ve got two After rules there, but an After rule by default ends the action processing for that particular action (unless we tell Inform to “continue the action”), so only one of them will run, and in this case the one containing the chat-node activation doesn’t run.

So, it should work when you put the pick-up message and the activation all into one After rule.

See also 7.5. After rules.

Thanks, will have a go at that.

Much appreciated

I tried this but no change:

After taking the gun in the Rooftop:
	say "You pick up the shiny gun. [']So you are the actual murderer in this case. I wonder who your handler could
	   be.['][line break]";
	activate Mol-Cun-Talk3;
	activate Mol-Cun-Talk4;
	activate Mol-Cun-Talk5;
	continue the action.

It keeps on saying:

>talk to Cun
You have nothing to say.

Do you link to the chat nodes from another node?

In addition to activating them, you also need to link to them (just like other chat nodes), like this:

Rule for finding responses to <insert appropriate node here, for example your conversation starting node>:
	link to Mol-Cun-Talk3; link to Mol-Cun-Talk4; link to Mol-Cun-Talk5.

Otherwise the extension wouldn’t know when to show them.

I’ll have a look but I don’t think I have a direct link to them.
Any suggestions to where I might put it?

I know you don’t have all my code but if you done something similar?

That depends on where you’d want the option(s) to show up. It could be a node in the middle of a conversation, or it could be the starting node of a conversation (that is, the node that comes up when the player types “TALK TO <NPC>”).

For example, with this extension, you’ll typically have a rule like:

Instead of talking to Harry: start a conversation with Harry-chat-hello.

(taken from the example included in the extension’s documentation)

And a node definition like this:

Harry-chat-hello is a chat node. "Harry looks up as you approach him."
Rule for finding responses to Harry-chat-hello:
	link to Harry-chat-book; link to Harry-chat-fire; link to Harry-chat-again; link to Harry-chat-goodbye.

So, if you wanted to have Mol-Cun-Talk3 appear as an option on that node, you’d add the link to that “Rule for finding responses …”:

link to Mol-Cun-Talk3;

It will only appear after it has been activated.