Activision's Planetfall 2 (mark one)... hmmm!

So, we all know there were two attempts by Activision to make a sequel to Planetfall/Stationfall.

So I engaged in a teeny bit of trivial pursuit regarding the first attempt here. Yeah, it’s anoraky, but I thought why not share it.

And what I’m thinking of as a (promotional trailer) timeline is this:

1 - the non-interactive DOS demo. Infocom logo, original logo.
2 - the advert as seen on … pfall2.jpg - Infocom logo, new Planetfall logo.
3 - this trailer: - Infocom logo now retired, game has same logo as 2.
4 - game mark 1 cancelled.

2 and 3 could well be either in the reverse order or at the same time, depending on what was going on at Activision at that point.

Anyone caring enough to chime in on this? Agree, disagree, think I should get a life, maybe supplie opinions and/or actual info about Planetfall 2 mk 1?


Very cool to see these other games. The Great Game was quite a decent game for its time. I wish there was a way to play that on my 21st century mac!