Action failure

Suppose you have an action with multiple check rules, which might fail because of any of them. Is there an easy way to say “if this action fails for any reason, do XYZ”?

Not really in native I7, I don’t think. There’s an extension by Ron Newcomb called After Not Doing Something which lets you do this; but I’m not positive it works with the latest version. (To download it, right-click on “Raw” and choose “Save Link As…” from the pop-up menu, or it might be “Download…” or something if you’re not using a Mac.)

After Not Doing Something by Don Newcomb (v2) is part of the public library in 6M62.

One thing you may want to keep in mind when using the After Not Doing Something extension is that any instead rules will count as failing to do something, unless you specifically state otherwise (§7.2.). Also remember that after rules automatically end an action, unless you specifically state otherwise (§7.5.).

This became an issue for me when I decided to use the extension in a WIP that uses instead rules to handle specific actions as successes without changing the default outcome of the rule. My code still worked as originally intended, but my “after not doing something” rule was triggered, and the game stopped reporting score changes from these rules until after the next turn.