Aclib text adventure creator library in Javascript


I created a text adventure creation library in JS. I am interested in feedback. It currently has a sample adventure but i havent created a parser yet.

PrimalNinja/aclib in github



First-time posters are blocked from links, so here it is: GitHub - PrimalNinja/aclib: Text Adventure Creation Library


Cool thanks. I am considering different ideas for the parser, if you look at the code in the git repo, the js verbs and important action words are defined which have special meanings and like a traditional adventure creator (like GAC or Genesis), you can put optional logic or even define new keywords.

One idea i have is to provide an entry point to submit a command and it can return the output. Depending in either properties or settings or perhaps parameters what if an AI LLM was behind the scenes fed a prompt with whatever the user typed but also the rules for the situation and keywords that have an action. This would allow a somewhat complex and natural scenario to be played out without the restrictions of a traditional verb noun game.

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Maybe make a “starter” verb-noun parser. At least to get going?