Accessing the three games by Chinese Qiaobook authors

The Living Puppet, The Fifth Sunday, and Murder in the Fog are all translations from the huge Qiaobooks ineractive fiction group in China.

I noticed that none of the play links work; after contacting the organization, I discovered that they won’t be able to fix it immediately.

However, the downloadable zipped html files work perfectly, in case anyone wants to play them in the meantime.

FYI, the problem is that the games are trying to load a copy of jquery over http, but is hosted on an https site.

Also: if you edit the index.html file for these games, you can find a line that says “animate:true”. Change it to “animate:false” and you won’t have to wait through the text-delay animations. Skipping the delay is particularly useful when replaying The Fifth Sunday a dozen times.

I couldn’t get The Living Puppet to work, even by downloading it and trying a few things.

Interesting. I was able to play it just fine by downloading it.

I figured it out. The problem was over here, nothing anyone should be worried about.

All three of these can be played online now.