Accessing my WIP from various computers?

Is there a simpler way to write my twine story from different computers without have to zip up files and email / dropbox them to myself? That does seem a bit convoluted.

Can I write them on a dropbox folder and point the twine app at that?

No, sorry, the Twine editor is currently not designed to support cloud storage or any similar method of synching data across browsers/computers.

If you’d like to request that, you can drop a suggestion at the Twine “Issues” page on GitHub.

I should note that now would be a good time to put in such a request, because the Twine editor is undergoing a major rewrite right now, so this is the most likely time that such a change might occur.

That said, at least you always have a recent backup with your current setup! :wink:

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Dropbox has a Desktop app that you can install, which you can use to share a folder. You maybe able to use it to share the folder that the Desktop release of the Twine 2.x application uses to store its project HTML files in.

One issue with adding “to the cloud” type persistence directly to the Twine 2.x application is that there are many different cloud storage providers to choose from. Each with its own login requirements, method of remotely interfacing with it, and set of features.

So the developer of the Twine 2.x application would need to either:

  1. Choose a specific cloud provider to support, thus forcing the users of the application to have an account with that provider.
  2. Choose a limited number of cloud providers to support, thus excluding users that don’t have an account with the supported providers.
  3. Design & implement an abstraction layer that allowed the usage of “plugins”, each of which support a specific cloud provider. And then someone needs to create these plugins.

And as the application is currently released in both a Web-browser based and a Desktop installable variation they would likely need a solution that works in both releases, unless they want to exclude one set of users.

The open source utility Syncthing lets you share (synchronize) copies of one or more folders among one or more computers, whether they’re on your private network or somewhere else, even behind separate NATed routers. A file modified on one computer will be updated on all the others when they become reachable.


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Thank you everyone for your really helpful suggestions and comments. I’ll have a play with syncing to dropbox if possible.