Accessibility Problem with "Index of Extension Definitions"

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As I begin trying to use I7 for some works in progress, I’m running into a problem with the accessibility of the IDE on Mac OS X. In general, it works very well with Apple’s built-in screen reader, VoiceOver. However, when I open the Index of Extension Definitions, I am only able to see what seems to be the top of the page. I’ve been including Basic Help Menu, for instance, and would have expected its definitions to be mentioned. I suspect this is some oddity in the generated HTML for the index, but do not know how to check this. At any rate, it makes this page quite unusable. This is what VoiceOVer sees.

Installed Extensions	
Whenever an extension is used, its definitions are entered into the following index. (Thus, a newly installed but never-used extension is not indexed yet.) See also the directory of installed extensions.

Any work which could be put into diagnosing this problem would be greatly appreciate.

Thanks much,

This isn’t an accessibility problem – that page is genuinely blank.

(We’re talking about the page reached in the Documentation tab if you (1) go to the top level, (2) select “Installed Extensions”; (3) select the link “index of extension definitions”.)

I’m not sure what’s supposed to appear here. The documentation for a particular extension is linked from the Installed Extensions page, and that includes all definitions in the extension (kinds, actions, global variables, and so on.)

You can also look at the Phrasebook page (Index tab) – that lists phrases defined in each extension. Similarly, the Actions tab lists actions defined in each extension.

I think the page you’re looking at is a remnant which should have been removed.

Oh, I actually know this one :stuck_out_tongue: . That page shows what the extension creates, I.e. kinds and things. I also believe it includes the rules of the extension. I believe it’s so you can tell which extension created what.

oh, okay! :slight_smile: Thanks for clarifying that. I’m glad it isn’t something more arcane. Never mind, though I’m glad I asked.

I tested this with Locksmith, which creates kinds, actions, rules, adjectives, and a use option. The page remains blank. Are you getting different results?

Iirc, yes. Maybe I’m thinking of another page.

I think you are; the page is blank for me as well.