Access to transcripts with the parchment transcript recorder

Hello! I am currently sending my text adventure out for testing using parchment and the transcript recorder, except for one problem: I don’t know how to actually view the transcripts. Where are they saved? I am terrible at programming, so I wouldn’t know where to look if it were in one of the php files, and I cannot find anything in the documentation. I am using default everything.


The transcript viewer tool is in the tools/viewer directory in the package.

Would you mind being more specific? I tried to load the php files, but whenever I bring them up in a browser, I just get the source text.

The plugin needs a web server with PHP and a database set up. If you want to view the transcripts offline you have to have server software installed on your computer. Without it (or if it doesn’t have PHP) the files are just going to show their contents and do nothing else. But for actual use you’ll want to put the script online to some web host and view the transcripts there.

I don’t know how far in the installation process you are or how proficient you are with web apps, but yeah, some PHP and database skills are needed to get things running.