About this game [specific to Glulxe interpreter]

Hi guys, on the about the game I have a Pic and it says game name, Heading and my name. My question is there any way to add more ,like maybe a basic plot description.

*** UPDATE ***
Thank everyone, This issue is fixed. I can now have away to display plot or game instructions.

Hi. Sorry, what is the context of the question? Where is the About information that you’re filling out? In the game source? On a website? etc


Inform 7 It is right click on game window and select about this game. Not sure if it can be done. Like i said it has my cover pic and game name and my name. was just wondering if I could add to it. It is release game thing. Thank you.

But when you say right-click, where are you doing that? In an interpreter? If so, which one? Or, in the IDE (i.e. the Inform app) ?

I’m not able to right-click anything in the Macintosh IDE that says ‘About this game’. If I choose to release the game with a website, I can’t do it there, either.

I’m guessing you’re doing it in an interpreter, in which case it would be a feature of the interpreter app. It would be pulling the information from the game file. If you look at “§25.2. Bibliographic data” in the Inform app documentation, you’ll see how to change all the bibliographic information that’s included in the game file. You can’t control which interpreters will show what bits, but you can embed that info in the game release itself.



In an interpreter. Glulxe
Its no big deal. Just stumble onto it myself. was just wondering.
still alot to learn just been doing this for about to weeks so trying to soak up all the info i can.

Yeah, it can be a long journey, but it’s a fun one :slight_smile:


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Yes I am enjoying myself. Thank you for the info.