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Not sure whether this is the right place to post, but;

I have a question/suggestion for the IFTF.

Could the IFTF have a publication channel?

Not games, but academic style publications, like papers, also possibly things like; inventions, discoveries and theory.

There would have to be some sort of formal template and process, also possibly a peer-review.


I will bring your suggestion to the next meeting of the Education Committee. Academic publications, especially peer-reviewed ones are a lot of work, and generally not done by volunteers, but are paid positions, associated with academic institutions that also have the ability to free people up from teaching and other work while they do it. Since we are all volunteers with day jobs, there are limits to what IFTF can do. More in our wheelhouse would be having some kind of communication channel that would share information about publishing opportunities that exist outside of IFTF. However, I suppose there is also the possibility that IFTF could partner with an academic institution on such a publication. Thanks so much for the suggestion – I think it will engender a lot of discussion!

This is exactly the thing. For example, I do not have the knowledge to put documents onto an academic footing, but i do have a lot of ideas, materials and DIY research work that i could contribute.

stuff like:

  • new kinds of NLP parsers.
  • NLP semantics as applied to IF
  • work on the general representation of knowledge
  • application of knowledge representation to world building, esp in IF.
  • work on IF “scopes” and resolution.

Obviously, the endeavours would be to a significant extent cooperative.

Please do go ahead and put forward a suggestion.