Aaron's Aardvark Adventure Zone: a learning game!


I’ve made a game called Aaron’s Aardvark Adventure Zone available to play at http://www.aaazgame.co.uk

It records any commands it doesn’t recognise, which can be used to improve the game, allowing for a much greater range of commands, a process through which I hope to get the opportunity to develop it into an expansive game that allows for a great range of creative input from the perspective of the players. The game on the website is a prototype and I intend to expand it into a full game if the Kickstarter campaign (link on website, if you’re interested) is successful. Please tell anyone else who might be interested as the development of the game depends on the input of its users, should development be successfully funded.

(As it is a prototype, the logging system is currently opt-in but will probably be automated should development go ahead. Also currently Windows and Linux only, which will also be dealt with in the future)