AardVarK Versus the Hype - Extended Ending Sequence

Hey all,

I just did something dumb.

But first of all, thank you to those who have played AardVarK! Special thanks to those of you who have found it in your hearts to review the game - I am really pleased with how many people have said it was funny - I had hoped it was funny, but you never know, do you?

Now - I’ve just done something truly dumb, which is a mid-Comp update to what I thought would be a few lines of code, but ended up being a mini-project that took a couple of hours. No sane person would just load this up, willy-nilly, un-beta-tested. But I did.

I can guarantee it doesn’t break the game, I can’t guarantee that there are no typos in the new content.

This update was driven by Wade Clarke, who I consider a good friend, who reached out to me with an email after playing and reviewing AardVarK - the ending felt like it needed a tweak, he thought. With one paragraph in an email, he drove how I spent about 50% of today. Thanks Wade, I still consider you a friend!

So AardVarK has a new, slightly extended ending sequence. If you want to play it, have a blast, I strongly encourage replaying the game, looking for all the little nook-and-cranny jokes I put in - there’s stuff in there that I guarantee no one has seen but me. And nobody’s found (or posted about, anyway) the secret most efficient way through the game.


Because you’ve read this far, if you’ve already played the game (though it will work if you haven’t already played the game, it just won’t mean much to you), there is a new command, available at any point in the game. It can be the first thing you type. If you want to skip right to the Grand Finale ending sequence, you can type:

“I just want to see the BIG FINALE”

and you’ll skip right there.

I told you I did something dumb.