A Word Of Caution On Storing Files

My text files are becoming rather lengthy after putting many hours of writing into my adventure. I constantly back up my files on flash drives as well as on both drives on my comp. In an effort to collect all of the files in a single location that could be accessed from anywhere at anytime I uploaded my game text adventure files to my Dropbox account.

The very next day I began the process of saving my files and as soon as I uploaded to Dropbox they were gone. Every file in all storage locations were wiped clean, vanished. Luckily I had been duplicating my work in WORD Doc and was able to start a new game and copy all of my work into that new game. After several hours of marathon editing to correct all of the bugs I am finally ready to basically start over again.

If you have had good luck with third party storage than kudos but even with their encryption and my own web security I was hacked in seconds. Not worth the pain.

I received a nasty little Trojan while logged to Dropbox at the time my files disappeared. Kaspersky cleaned that up but the amount of work that must be duplicated on account of criminals is a shame.

Just putting this out there.

I recommend version control, even for pure text. It tracks every change you make incrementally as you go.

What do you mean you got a Trojan while logged to Dropbox? I’ve never heard of anything like that.

I’m not sure where it came from Dannii, all I know is that directly after my files disappeared while still logged to Dropbox my Web security reported a Trojan virus. I could speculate for days but what I know to be fact is that all of this happened when I tried to backup my files to Dropbox. I have actually used Dropbox for file sharing in the past with no problems so I am completely miffed with the whole episode.

Thanks Draconis, am looking at GIT now.

Wow, sounds like you have had a real nightmare. I’ve never heard of this before, are you positive you got the client from the main site? I’ve used cloud storage for a couple of year and never had any trouble on the web end, it is normal the client on the PC blowing up. Lost two hard disks and the cloud has saved my bacon both times. Although I do keep copies of the source files on memory sticks as well (just call me paranoid).

Yeah, I’ve had good luck with dropbox, and it’s good practice to have other ways to remember things.

Source control is best if you can get it. I think it would be useful to have a basic guide posted here or somewhere as to how to use it and why you don’t need to use all its features. What I like is,

  1. there should be no catastrophic failure if it’s stored on, say, github – if there is, well, there’s probably an Internet-wide problem, so you’re hosed anyway
  2. you know -why- you made the changes you did & can revert them. Because you put in a message “fixed conversation bug” or whatever each time you commit changes, you can isolate more quickly how things might have gone wrong if you are sure such-and-such worked once upon a time.

I also locally back up my files every once in a while, e.g. to 20151012.txt for today for instance. In general I think you can never have too much.