A. W. Moderation

Well, if I hadn’t been restricted for simply disagreeing with you then you’d’ve had the link.

Thanks, Hanon, you make this such a fun place to visit! :+1:



Hear that everyone? It’s true. Don’t disagree with a mod on this board. I was gone for 2 weeks for disagreeing with Hanon in private. He’ll admit it.

His current campaign is trying to bait me into saying something he can ban me for. Watch.

Scrap with moderators in private messages and fly off the handle, win stupid prizes.


Professional as always, Hanon. Have a happy new year. Hope things look up for you.

My new year’s resolution is to not post jokes you don’t get. Hate for you to embarrass yourself again.

It’s not letting me post a link, most likely some restriction you’ve placed on me. The game is easily found. “Jack” by Arlan Wetherminster.

You do indeed have restrictions. Due to your previous suspension, we’re alerted to review when you start posting multiple links.

Then why did you ask for a link? :face_with_open_eyes_and_hand_over_mouth:

Your name here has no vowels and doesn’t match what’s on IFDB.

Since Hanon has made it his life’s goal to harass me for every post I make, I’m leaving. Since you guys circled your wagon around him without know what went on in private, I am going to post my final letter I sent to Hanon. Educate yourselves. This is also since Hanon is now deleting the posts where I own him.

"Dearest Hanon,

Well good for you. You got that out of your system. You banned me for disagreeing with you. How’s that for gatekeeping behavior?

Now onto my explanation on how you grabbed the wrong end of the stick and proceeded to beat around the bush with it.

My joke began with me describing a search for a document shredder that also makes an enlarged, laminated copy of the document being shredded to keep with your documents.

Now your first clue that this was a joke is the absurdity of such a device. Why would anyone want an enlarged, laminated copy of a document they are trying to shred? Many would recognize this absurdity as “humor”. Even if one doesn’t find it funny, it’s silly to believe anyone would take this set-up seriously. I’m sure you understand.

Your next clue that this was a joke was how I described standing in the middle of the store screaming while saying “but everyone just looked at me like I was crazy.”. Your clue is the fact that, in the humorous story, I’m acting like a crazy person. But I’m being surprised that everyone is looking at me like I’m crazy. You see the absurdity in this one too, I’m sure.

So with that, your accusation that the story is somehow me having “baggage” makes no sense and just exposes you as someone who wouldn’t know a joke if it gave you a colorectal exam.

You had it out for me since I joined the forum and you jumped at the chance to harass and ban me. Too bad it was an obvious attempt because you jumped all over an obvious joke.

I now await my new banning for sarcasm or having a different opinion or whatever. Gosh, getting a little bit of fake internet power sure goes to your head, doesn’t it, Hanon?"

Say hi to your mom for me, Hanon.

Call me crazy, but I feel like there’s a little tension between the “look at how I, a reasonable and meek-souled poster, am being unjustly persecuted by the moderation staff” part of your post, and the “I will now rub your nose in the recent death of a family member” part.


For the life of me I cannot figure out what was wrong with the document shredder post. Can someone explain why that got flagged?

Edit: No need for replies. It has been explained to me.