A tool for making Interactive Fiction without scripting

As you may know it exists a lot of cool languages that permits to create an interactive story (inkle). But sometimes I’m not in mood to program or using a scripting language, that’s why I made a tool to create interactive fiction without any scripting. You place some elements on a map to make the flow of the story.
The aim of this project is to make your IF everywhere, you just need a web browser and have loaded in cache the application so after you don’t need any more internet connexion. All is store locally.

So it’s a project under development but there is already a working version available here: julien-roche.fr/ifcdemo/
Would be great to have some feedback.

Interesting project!

I tried clicking on things, but I’m not really sure what I’m doing. In the picture, there’s an “export” feature, but i can’t see it in the demo.

Would definitely like to export to (a) see what I’ve really got and (b) to back up any work.

good luck!

I played around, and although I wasn’t quite sure what I was doing, I like this concept a lot! Being able to easily cobble a simple dungeon crawl with built-in stats and inventory is very appealing - I’ve seen browser-based systems attempt this, but not in such a potentially logical manner. I would definitely try to make stuff with this if it were polished and documented.

It feels a little like the Quest system, were it stripped to a bare minimum of elements.

Thank you for having a try.
I’m doing some doc, xould like to make a better UI.
But the main process of doing things in this app is:

  1. Place blocks and edit contents (there is an apply button)
  2. Run the story (first compile then start)
  3. Export button still working on…

Here the main idea of how it works: