A Thousand Thousand Slimy Things - Twine nautical horror

A Thousand Thousand Slimy Things opens with you awakening in a rowboat, in the middle of the ocean. Your food supply is low. Your drinking water is low. If you can wait 'til night, if you can see the stars, maybe you can navigate towards land–but something else comes in the night, too, that may be more dangerous than even the Sea itself.

Special thanks to @DeusIrae, @sbwiegner, and @The_Pixie for beta testing–without them, ATTST would have been a much less pleasant experience.

I’m planning to release the soundtrack separately as well, so I’ll update here when that’s out! If you play ATTST, lemme know what you think!


I’ve just played. Very atmospheric and absorbing, well done! I should try to get another ending next!


Thank you so much–that means a lot! See how many endings you can find :wink:

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