A small program to list all Check rules in your game.

Why yes, I did do nothing this Saturday except putter about.

[code]“All Check Rules” by Ron Newcomb.

There is room.

When play begins:
repeat with the Nth rulebook running from 0 to 500:
let RB be the Nth rulebook as a rulebook;
if RB is the final rulebook, break;
let the rulebook’s name be indexed text;
let the rulebook’s name be “[RB]”;
unless word number 1 in the rulebook’s name is “check”, next;
if rule 1 of RB is the little-used do nothing rule, next; [ skip empty rulebooks ]
say “[line break][bold type][RB][roman type]:[line break]”;
repeat with n running from 1 to the number of rules in RB:
say “[rule n of RB].”

To decide which rulebook is (n - a number) as a rulebook: (- {n} -).
To decide which rule is rule (n - number) of/in/for (ar - a rulebook): (- (NthOfRulebook({n},{ar})) -).
To decide which number is the number of rules in (rb - rulebook): (- NumberOfRulesInRulebook({rb}) -).

Include (-
[ NthOfRulebook n ar;
if (n < 1) return LITTLE_USED_DO_NOTHING_R;
if (n > NumberOfRulesInRulebook(ar)) return LITTLE_USED_DO_NOTHING_R;
return (rulebooks_array–>(ar))–>(n-1);
[ NumberOfRulesInRulebook ar i;
for (i = 0 : (rulebooks_array–>ar)–>i ~= NULL : i++);
return i;

The final rulebook is a rulebook.
Stick it at the very end of your game’s source. (Without the title or my name, obviously.)