A Request for Advice on Growing an IFgame-related Wiki on the Infinite

Hi, all. I hope you’ll excuse the tangential nature of this post :slight_smile:

I’m seeking advice and recommendations for a wiki site I’m building that is devoted to the global history of the concept of the infinite. It is tied in to my IFComp2020 entry, INFINITUBE, a game that performed badly in the competition I don’t mind saying. Nevertheless, I want to get the wiki into the hands of a wider audience than the one I can give it.

So here is the ask: Do you have recommendations for institutions I might reach out to, or strategies I might employ, that would help generate interest in the wiki?

Any leads or words of wisdom would be appreciated.

Thank you!

Not to be harsh, but I have no idea what you’re talking about here. A wiki about the global history of the concept of the infinite? I don’t get it.

So to help you with suggesting what institutions would be interested in this wiki, I guess I would first need to understand why I would be interested in it. I would at least need to know what it is in order to know who’d be interested. What would institutions use the wiki for? Reading or contributing? Reading what, and contributing what?

Are we talking about something with entries on, like, Zeno, Aristotle, Cantor, large cardinals, and so on? What’s the purpose of your wiki? What does it do that (on the one hand) Wikipedia and (on the completely other hand) the Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy do not do?

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Hi! The site exists for two reasons. The first is as an explicitly atheological resource. I’d be happy to go into the weeds by what I mean by that if you’re interested. The second is that everyone/concept you’ve just cited references a Western thinker/thought of infinity, and they’re all related to philosophy or mathematics. That is what Standford does, yes, but it therefore also misses a lot.