A question about containers

Firstly, I apologize if this is in the wrong board. I’m only just getting back into making IF’s, which I haven’t done in quite awhile, and so I’ve forgotten mostly everything.

But anyways, I was wondering what the process would be in Inform 7 for putting things ‘under’ containers.
Here’s what I have so far:

‘HMA Albatross - guest room’ is a room. “This cramped and leaking cupord of a room is scarecely suitable for work as important as yours, though seeing as your pockets are less than full with coin, it will have to do for now. Simple wooden furniture pieces filll up most of the space here, although an impressive looking a painting of what appears to be The HMA Albatross battling a fierce windstorm does grace the northernmost wall. To your right, a small port window reveals little more than row after row of dingy gray clouds, this casts a dark shadow over the room, despite it being morning.”

The bed is an enterable supporter in ‘HMA Albatross - guest room’. The description is “You question whether these sheets have been replaced in…ever, actually. This will have to be brought up with the Captain post haste!”

After entering bed:
say “Sleep could not possibly be had now with so much do. Although you do manage to spare some time to lie down and collect your thoughts, though this weighs heavily on your conscious and you inevitably get back on your feet.”

The dresser is an openable closed container in ‘HMA Albatross - guest room’. The description is “You remember leaving your clothing in here before falling asleep last night. It would be best to put fetch them before continuing on.”

Your finest suit is a wearable object in the dresser. The description is “Woven from the finest materials from Her Majesty’s colonies, this suit practically shines in comparison to your less than cleanly surroundings. It should do just fine for the journey ahead of you.”

The endtable is a portable supporter in ‘HMA Albatross - guest room’. It has carrying capacity 3. The description is “One leg is shorter than the others, an issue you promptly fixed by fitting a matchbox underneath it. This table serves as the resting place for your journal after all, couldn’t have it sloping.”

The plan is for the a matchbox to be placed ‘under’ the endtable (which it is not letting me do, for some reason). After this is taken the description for the endtable should change, and you should be able to light a candle which will be on top of it. This will, in turn, trigger something else.

So, any help would be appreciated. Much obliged.

You could try the Hiding Under and/or Underside extension which you can download from the official I7 extension page: http://inform7.com/extensions/commands/#Looking_Under_and_Hiding.