A Proboards based forum focused on IF

For those interested in a alternate forum where IF can be discussed: intfic.boards.net

Proboards has its own issues, of course, but it looks and functions like a proper forum. It also ties into Tapatalk, for those that want “better mobile access.” It has “like buttons” as well, though I think things like that have dubious if any value.

It’s mostly a skeleton right now. Waiting for people to fill it with new conversations.

I have no delusions of it being a massive forum or even a large forum, but I figured I’d give setting up a space that works the way I like best a shot, in case there are others looking for that same option.

If no one is interested, then it stays empty. If there are people looking for something like this, then I’ll see you there. :slight_smile:

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What I would rather want is better access with NNTP (with Unusenet hierarchies, preferably).

(NNTP is not Y2K compliant. However, a new version of NNTP has been made up which is Y2K compliant, in the obvious way, so, that can work.)

NNTP, I think there’s an NNTP intfic group out there, but I don’t think it sees much use anymore…

http://intfic.boards.net/ is at least forum-shaped and forum-fuction. So, those looking for an experience more like what was here with phpBB are welcome over there.

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