A probably stupid question....

It has been about 5 years since I was able to participate in the IFComp in any way. I’m back and excited to judge - but when I downloaded the .zip file, I couldn’t find the program that randomized and allowed me to rate the entries. Is that now a thing of the past, or am I simply not looking in the right place? I tried every command I could think of, but clearly xyzzy is not longer working in my favor!


(if it matters, I’m playing on a MacBookPro running OS 10.8.5)

Voting is now done through the IFComp website, rather than emailing your votes to the organiser. If you sign up for an account there as a judge, you’ll be able to view a shuffled list of the games and save your votes there as you go.

One of the IFComp authors asked me if I could add that the .zip of the games only contains the original version of each game, whereas if you play the games online or download them individually, you’ll get the latest version with any recent updates and bugfixes. The competition rules don’t require you to play the newest version - you’re quite within your rights to judge based on the versions released at the start of the comp. And you certainly don’t have to replay games if they’re updated after you’ve already played them. But personally, as an IFComp author and judge, I highly recommend playing the newest version that’s available when you start a new game.

Just wanted to say thanks! I did play them online, so I would be playing the latest versions [emote]:)[/emote] There were some really good entries this year, and several that I look forward to going back and revisiting more properly!