A plug for the new Juiced.GS IF Edition

Looking for a fix of third party IF journalism while you wait for the next SPAG magazine? The newly released IF Edition of Juiced.GS Concentrate may hit the spot.

Juiced.GS is a commercial, Apple II-focused quarterly magazine now in its 18th year. Its ‘Concentrate’ PDF specials gather together articles on particular themes. The IF Edition includes all of Juiced’s IF-related features from the past couple of years, plus a couple of new reviews. It’s available as an instant download PDF (31mb) for US$8.00 from the Juiced.GS store.


What’s in the IF Edition?

  • Illustrated Leadlight gallery cover image by myself
  • A detailed review of Leadlight (not by myself!)
  • A look at the past and future of IF, with comment from Andrew Plotkin (Inform) and Tom Zuchowski and Matthew Clark (Eamon)
  • An in-depth review of the documentary ‘Get Lamp’ (including its packaging)
  • ‘Adventures Old and New’ - An article I wrote about the experience of transitioning to Inform 7 to make ‘Six’ after a lifetime of using Applesoft BASIC
  • A review of Nick Montfort’s book ‘Twisty Little Passages’

Stats: 14 pages / 8300 words, with colour illustrations, screenshots and photos

All content is by Juiced.GS editorial and writing staff (Ken Gagne, Ivan Drucker, Mike Maginnis, Andy Molloy) plus there’s that one article from me, Wade Clarke.

(A note on my involvement: I have an obvious interest in the IF Edition, as there’s a lot of Leadlight coverage, but I wasn’t involved in that coverage beyond answering interview questions put to me. I’ve written for Juiced.GS once as a freelancer, and that article is included. I’m here to promote the IF Edition as someone involved in both the IF community and the Apple II community, and whose first IFComp game straddled both communities. Also note that I will not be getting any of your eight dollars :sunglasses: )

Have fun.

  • Wade

Plus, this seems like a good time to announce my upcoming port of Leadlight to Glulx:


  • Wade