A personal appeal from Ryan Veeder

My EctoComp entry, Even Some More Tales from Castle Balderstone, is the biggest game I have ever written. I am very proud of this game. I think you will really enjoy it if you give it a look. I live in fear that you will miss out on it.

Please play Even Some More Tales from Castle Balderstone if you have the opportunity.


Well, I played it before I saw this impassioned plea, and I’m still wiping tears from my eyes. Tears of terror!

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Horror must not be my style. I’m just thoroughly confused. I got so far as Sam and Dolphin when it turns into a text parser? Not interested in Parser IF in Twine games. Sorry.

As far as I’m concerned, you just wrote a great advertisement for the game. I’ve gotta see this!


I am going to give the game a try. I have never been a fan of Stephen King. :frowning:

I do think it’s a shame when Ectocomp gets overlooked due to the overlap with IFComp, since all the Grand Guignol authors have put so much effort into their games.

Congrats on finishing your biggest game ever!


Even bigger than Cragne Manor? :thinking:


I’ll suspect the biggest game Ryan has done singularly - though the structure is he’s “hosting” stories by others. I don’t know if this is an actual construct with real contributing authors or a fictional one.


Fictional, I believe.

Anyway wow dang this game is big. I’ve been playing since yesterday and I still haven’t finished it.


I am very gratified by the feedback this game has received so far.

You may be interested to know that, separate from the “critical path” stories in this collection, there is a secret extra hidden game to be found. It’s probably hidden too well to be found by someone who doesn’t know it’s there… But now that you know it’s there, I think you’ll find it without much trouble.


Is this secret game separate from the story from the disgraced author, or no?


i need help on dual transform in the laboratory

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Do you mean Dual Transform, by Andrew Plotkin? If so, it’d probably be good to split this post off into a new thread so folks who can give you a hint can find it (you can just tag one of the mods, @HanonO, and ask him to do it).

Of course, could be I’m misunderstanding and Even Some More Tales From Castle Balderstone has like a section riffing on or even reimplementing Dual Transform – it’s a Ryan Veeder game, anything’s possible!

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Yes, this is message is a reply in “A personal appeal from Ryan Veder” in the “competitions” category. I can change this to its own new message if necessary. Let me know!