A new publishing platform you can check

Hey guys, I have just joined this group to share you something.

an interactive chat-style game application is about to launch global service. currently has more than 600K Korean users.

You can check the application from the following link

→ Web : [https://about.storyplay.com]

They are now seeking for English interactive fictions to upload and share profits with the authors. All the marketing fees are done by the company, and every revenue will be shared by a contract.

So if anyone is interested to upload their interactive fictions in which will be targeting every countries in the world, so please feel free to contact the following email.

[ joonyeong.choi@thingsflow.com ]

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Is there any English documentation or translation of the site?

It looks nice, but I’m afraid to click on anything.

It is being developed yet.
There isn’t any payment things or any personal information things, so you can just look around and see stories if you want

I clicked some stuff. It’s unfortunate I don’t read Korean.

Sorry about that, there will be an English version around middle of June.
We have made few partnerships with global companies, so if you are interested, feel free to contact the email

If you navigate and play a story with google translate on, you can have a rough feel of the stories.

It’s mainly romance and stories in the style we have seen coming from Episodes.
Endings are achievement that you seem encouraged to gather and will catch the eye of the completionists.

Stories are told through dialog in a Messenger style interface, with background and event pictures appearing once in a while.

I was most suprised by the timed choices (at least on the 2 stories I played) : 7/15 seconds before the game chooses for you.

@jychoi is this custom tech or are you using something we may know ? (ChoiceScript, ink, ?)


Ju, thank you for sharing your thoughts and informations about our Storyplay.
I’m impressed that you know a lot about us.

We have our own technologies to develop scripts into our application. Also, we are developing a studio tool for people to easily use and create the stories.

@smwhr Hope this answers your question.

Oh, I just spent an hour or so looking at what you did. This is pretty straightforward to understand :slight_smile:

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