A new Inform7 ext available (encrypts text)

Hi! I tried to code a new Inform7 extension…

inform7.com/extensions/Luca%20G% … index.html

Please, can somebody test it?

It’s actually painfully slow- I think that’s because I use indexed text.

I don’t know how to port routines to inform6, because it’s a pain to handle indexed text with i6. I was not able to do it.

Any idea is welcome!

I’m just clearing up the last error messages in an Inform6 version of an affine cipher.
If you’re still working on your encryption algorithm, please keep in touch.

Got my encryption/decryption algorithm working.
It’s blazingly fast for what it is.

Found the issue that had been plaguing me.
Seems that one must always transmute and un-transmute any “string” not passed back to Inform7.
Any “strings” returned as a “retval” must be transmuted within in the routine and passed back without un-transmuting.
Had a dickens of a time extracting this info from the various code and documentation.
It isn’t actually stated explicitly anywhere.