A New Home for Twine on Mobile!

Hi there!

I’m very pleased to announce a new home for Twine on mobile: Tap!

While the Tap app has been around for a while, we’ve just added Twine functionality (Harlowe 2.x and SugarCube 2.x) and are in the process of creating a one-stop-shop for interactive fiction on-the-go. Soon we will be releasing an uploader link to allow creators to upload their stories directly to the app - absolutely free for creators and readers.

In the meantime, check out our beta stories (Lionkiller, Your Merman Boyfriend, Screw You Bear Dad, Half an Hour, Eft to Newt, Cup of Frost Palm of Gold, The Three Body Problem, Disconnect, The Ceramic Uncertainty, The Dark Lord Huggington, and You Are Jeff Bezos) to see what it looks like and check out our Best Practices Guide (and templates) that you’ll be able to use to optimize your story for mobile upload (including the CSS code you need to optimize it for the app) here.

Since we’re still in beta there are a few features that don’t quite work yet, but will be added as we continue to develop the app (listed in our Best Practices Guide).

For more information check out https://taptaptap.co/ and check out our resources at Tap Twine Resources

Please let me know if you have any questions and hopefully we’ll see your story soon!