A Mouse speaks to Death

Happy to announce the release of my latest game A Mouse speaks to Death, a life-building game based on my InBetween rpg setting. Less of a directed adventure than my last game, more an exploration of a life told through memories.

An old mouse at end of its life talks to Death

By choosing memories to relive, you build the mouse’s story. Were they a seer? a warrior? an adventurer? a fool or a genius? a father or a mother?

A Storylet-based Game

Each memory you choose to relive is a small story, with its own choices, which will unlock others in turn. You can choose to go back and remember differently, opening new paths, some of which may require multiple play-throughs to unlock.


I’ve just added a new update (1.1) with a fresh contribution from UnexpectedDreams. The Wind is a chilling memory (see what I did there) that you should be able to find in any playthrough.