A More Beautiful Inventory (Help mee)

So, I’ve decided to include an inventory icon for any item the player can collect along their adventure in my game -

The Issue: I have NO idea how to implement or change it so that if an item is listed in the inventory it also displays a figure

id prefer to find a neat looking way to do this in also hopes others can implement such;

here’s how the inventory currently looks

Here’s the effect I’m hoping to achieve (mock up)

I’m going to tag @mathbrush because he is a legend and very clever at this sort of thing,
any help appreciated!! :smiley:


Unrelated in the most utter way, but I noticed you are working on a Zork prequel. Have you played Zork Zero?


I think you just need to give each inventory item a figure property, then write a rule for printing inventory details that would display the appropriate figure. Docs here:



I haven’t personally completed Zork Zero! but I am taking all existing game lore into account including that which occurs in this game,

mini spoiler

The start of the game takes place in 157 GUE and across one of the ethereal planes not mentioned in future Zork games

spoilers to the mini spoiler:

The Aether is an ethereal plane caused by a paradox in time, upsetting and preventing the rest of the Zork games from occuring

The story vaguely tells (briefly more spoiler):

A tale of Zork in which Chronomancy occurs (A fantasy time travellers tale) which follows our adventurer waking up without a recollection of the past, it is a novel of many endings all which result in the rest of zork to spew forth in a lore friendly way

Bigger spoiler:

Your main companion in this adventure is the Chronomancer PELLEM -(the)Paradox Enchanter, (the)Legendary Lorekeeper, (the)Eternal Mystic), who will guide you toward a different ending of the game by acting differently based off your actions prior to -

Biggest spoiler:

Late game you will understand that PELLEM is you in the future of your journey, sending you back hints of how to beat obstacles he put in your way in order to progress his path forward

Spoiler so big that there isn’t much wonder about the games ending after:

End game you will take the role of PELLEM and have to cause the obstacles the player goes through early game and leave the appropriate hints that helped you complete them

FINAL spoiler:

The many references to Zork come from the eventual introduction of time tunnels requiring you to change things about a slightly adjusted version of zork history, placing them right and using the things you gathered there to help you progress in the present 157 G.U.E


Thanks i’ll have a look!


That’s really cool! I look forward to seeing your game!

(Now that I think of it, the time travel bootstrap paradox bit sounds super duper similar to the mine puzzle in Sorcerer (which is also in the Zorkian universe, I guess?))


indeed! I completely missed this documentation on my quest to achieve this haha

Rule for printing inventory details of a spell scroll:
	display figure of spellscroll.

simple as that :smiley:

A thing has a figure name called the inventory graphic.
The inventory graphic of a thing is usually the Figure of Cover.

Definition: a thing is unillustrated rather than illustrated if its inventory graphic is the Figure of Cover.

After printing inventory details of an illustrated thing (called the item):
    display the inventory graphic of the item.

A spell scroll is a thing. The inventory graphic is the Figure of Spell Scroll.

Very very neat, thank you!

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Oooo very cool I’ve just researched the walkthrough of this section! there are a puzzle or two that resembles this, only at the times when you and Pellem interact there will
be a long string of events unique to your play through that you must assist yourself to complete later, as you only become labelled Pellem after the first main phase of the game and are told of your true mission

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