a minimal i7 skeleton for vcs

a script that explodes a gitted version into a valid i7 project. Could use a .gitignore maybe. How do you manage the mess?

I copy the story.ni file out, back up or version that, and ignore the rest of the project bundle.

My opinion is here: https://intfiction.org/t/mercurial-and-command-line-tools/3883/1

If you’re going to share the code with others then I think you definitely need uuid.txt and the .plist files. If you might be transferring between computers then you should too. If you’re just using it to track changes on a single computer then I guess you could leave them out, but I see no reason to either.

Now I hadn’t thought of there possibly being problems with non-existent directories. Does I7 not like that? If so then I guess the directories should be put in the vcs, but not their contents.

it really didnt like the few files missing, empty is ok. As on the important stuff, uuid is “generated”, settings.plist is there. The point of the skeleton is keeping only files i found important so far in the git, and being able to check it out on a different machine , run the script and be good to go. I never messed with materials or extensions or tried to use inform in any normal way:)
Thanks for the link to the HG thread

@koo5: If you don’t track uuid.txt, Inform will presumably generate a brand-new IFID whenever it’s missing. That’s fine for unreleased projects, but if you’ve released something already, you have to preserve its IFID for later re-releases (bugfixes, expanded (non-competition) versions, etc).