A Matter of Heist Urgency OST

FLACRabbit presents the original soundtrack from A Matter of Heist Urgency, featuring two BONUS extended versions of tracks as well as the highlights of the music in the game itself. You can get all 9 tracks listed below as a free download from the IF Archive here.

  1. The Scene of the Crime
  2. The Hideout
  3. Sound of Kung Fu Fighting
  4. Camel
  5. RainbowTronics, Inc.
  6. Rainbow Trail
  7. Victory!
  8. Deckhand Showdown MegaMix
  9. Enter the Pony (Extended)

All tracks (and the cover art) are copyright 2023 by FLACRabbit.


Idk if anyone has ever told you but “FLACRabbit” is an amazing name.

Will be checking these out!


Thanks for releasing! And thanks for your game, I actually remember reading your post mortem and using it for ideas (like you said the only way to make combat interesting was to have multiple people on both sides), and I ended up being influenced by it a lot for my current game I’m working on.