A header everywhere, but not in the first passage

Twine Version: 2.3.5
Story Format: Harlowe 3.1


How do I get a header to appear in all passages except some specific ones—for example not in the first passage, which is the game title?


You could add a known Passage Tag (like noheader) to those passages you don’t want to see the contents of your header tagged Passage in. And then use combination of an (unless:) macro and the (passage:) macro within your “header” to check if the current passage has been assign the known tag.

(unless: (passage:)'s tags contains "noheader")[
Show this header.

Yes! Thanks!

I don’t really need the { and the }, right? What do they do?

That’s the collapsing whitespace markup and it replaces all sequences of consecutive whitespace, incl. line breaks, with a single space.

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This is sooooo useful! So far, I have been writing my macros all in one line, so thet they don’t eat up space!!! And yes, it looked like shit. :grin: