A good read over the holidays--"The Silver Horde"

The Silver Horde follows a young man’s battle against greedy “big business” in the salmon canneries of Alaska while, at the same time, he learns the true definition of a “good woman”.

Suspense, murder, gritty romance, comic relief in the form of a wise buffoon.

Our The Silver Horde visual novel combines the complete public-domain text of this classic novel by Rex Beach with 141 images from the public-domain film. In addition, this visual novel marks the first time that we have included clips (3) from the film.

You can download the distribution package here: http://ifclassics.weebly.com/story-files.html

Two reminders:

  • When reading the visual novel, use the “Hide” command in the Quick Menu at the bottom of every screen to better view images;

  • Use the added preference “Display Text” to output dialog and narration in full-screen chunks