A friendly reminder to all persons on this forum.

I am pretty sure that all of the people who are currently hurling the t-word around, and those who are having the t-word hurled at them, have registered an account with this board. If so you agreed to a certain something when you signed up. Namely, this

Now I would hate to see any of you banned. So please keep this in mind

Source this

Just say what you want to say. Quit beating around the bush.

t-words are dangerous indeed

they lead to short twitter twine twix

The word “this” links to the main page of the forum. As for not using the T word again? Sure, I’ll refrain from mentioning twerk ever again. Oh, apart from then when I just said twerk. And there when I also said twerk. And that third time when I said twerk.

Aw hell, all this talk of twerking is making me feel kinda twerksome.

I think it’s supposed to link to the register page, but it doesn’t because we’re already registered.

You could pretty much paste "As a lunatic, I " to the start of every thread in this sub-forum for the last three months and it would only increase the sense the opening posts make.


Well, as the immortal Pink Floyd said,

At first I thought you were talking about Twerk, a musician active in the early 2000s…but then I realized you were talking about the dance…which then made me do a search for Twerk on Spotify to see if he’s been up to anything lately, only to find that his music is swamped out by a bunch of garbage related to the dance. Le sigh

Wait, what’s the T-word anyway?

Tyrannosaur! RAWR!

the only Twerk I know is a kraf

I spent about five minutes trying to work out if this was a Dragonball reference. Then I worked it out. GIVE ME BACK MY MINUTES!!!

those were well spent :laughing:

Don’t beat around the bush. Beat the bush. Hit it hard, and say “BAD BUSH!” in a loud, stern voice

Bush hater.


I’m sure I don’t know what you mean. I merely remarked that frotz seemed to have a special hatred for shrubbery. If he were to present some to the Knights of Ni, they would not be pleased by his cruel treatment of such a grandiose plant.

Also, beating around the bush is, for my money, still the best way to hunt grouse.

Just make sure that when you do beat around the bush- do it with the wrong end of the stick.

Yeah. Nothing political was intended. I think I got that line from “The Tick”.