A few small changes

I’ve done a couple of changes to these forums.

First and foremost, I’ve closed the IF-Comp 2007 Discussion board. All the discussion and reviews from it have been moved to the Game Discussion board. The IF-Comp board has been renamed and hidden - it will appear again once it’s time for the 2008 competition.

Second, I’ve created a Looking for Collaborators board, where, as the name says, you can look for other people interested in working together in creating games. This is in a new category, Collaborations, where it will be possible for you to have your own discussion boards for the creation of specific games.

If you want a collaboration board to be created, please send me a private message with the following details:

  • Names of the members of the collaborative group
  • Name of the game you intend to create

Note that the person who sends the private message will be marked as the leader of the group and will have the rights to add or remove members from the group able to see and participate in the discussion in the collaborative board for the game.