A Few of Your Favorite Things

This reminds me of a silly joke I made for myself. Maybe someone else made it first, but it was “What is up with The Postman Always Rings Twice? I got through all but the last 2 minutes and nobody even rang once, so that must’ve been a stupid title. Plus there was no postman. So I gave up.”

That said, it is nice to have tied up the end of various movies I only partially saw on television, for better or worse. The Dark Backward is one such movie where I think I was channel surfing between it and a sporting event which got exciting right when TDB ended. It’s hardly a top-notch movie, but it was gratifying to sit down and see all the way through.


I’ve been getting into this one this month; loved the main game, just finished challenge level 2 in Kaycee’s Mod.


Neat topic!

1.) IF game: Photopia
2.) Non-IF game: Final Fantasy IX (Inscryption is on my want-to-play-at-some-point list!)
3.) Book: Kahawa by Donald E Westlake (I see a couple of Douglas Adams shoutouts: Mostly Harmless, Dirk Gently, and I briefly considered him too)
4.) Movie: The Truman Show
5.) Music: Karen O and Willie Nelson - Under Pressure (Hmm. Music really dropped off my radar these part couple years. My answer from pre-pandemic might’ve been something like Arcade Fire, but I just haven’t listened to any of their stuff in a long while, and then there were some allegations that came up last year. It feels too far gone at the moment. Most of the music I have listened to more recently are just songs searched on Youtube. I was going to write down Charly Bliss then, since they’re the only band I really listened to more than one song of, these past couple years. But why not just list a song then? The Under Pressure cover is the music I specifically sought out at certain moments.)


The Menu was so good. I posted on Mastodon about it:

After seeing THE MENU, I can’t not in my head be Ralph Fiennes as I plate the various dishes for my cats in the morning:
“Fancy Feast filet mignon-flavor kibble, moistened with warm water creating its own sauce; dry kibble on the side for cronch; wet-plate Meow Mix with REAL tuna and salmon; clear, snow-cooled tap water in a large metal bowl filed to the brim. Please - do not eat. Savor.” [LOUD CLAP]
(INSERT TITLE CARD: Kitties’ Bullshit: From a bag and a can.)


I’ve watched other people play it–I’m about halfway through my first-ever run of it atm. The idea of playing Kaycee’s Mod myself is the reason I finally shelled out and actually got it.


What’s Kaycee’s Mod, if you don’t mind sharing? I played the vanilla version last year and enjoyed it OK, but if the mod is that much more appealing I might dig it up again!


(Spoilers for anyone who hasn’t played Inscryption)

It’s essentially an endless version of Act I in Leshy’s cabin. You can play through his campaign repeatedly with additional restrictions to make it more challenging. A few different cards and mechanics have been buffed or nerfed. It now comes with the main game and unlocks when you beat the story for the first time, I believe.


Oh, cool! I liked Act I but found Acts II and III significantly less interesting, so I might check that out. Thanks!


No problem! I think that’s pretty much the central criticism of the game, and why they built the mod!


Yeah, Kaycee’s Mod is just Act 1 of the game, rebalanced to make it more fun as a pure roguelike. A lot of the more broken mechanics (that were intentionally broken to serve the narrative purposes of Act 1) have been removed or rebalanced, so e.g. when Fecundity makes a copy of a card, that copy doesn’t also have Fecundity, and the Ouroboros’s stats reset between runs.

By winning runs you also unlock a series of dev notes from Kaycee, who, well…if you’ve played the full game you know why she’s significant to the plot.

Personally I liked Act 2 better, but it’s definitely a lot less replayable than Act 1.